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Liberation Foods

Liberation was formed by Nutcellars’ Andrew Emmott in 2007 as part of his work for Twin Trading. Liberation is the first fair-trade nut company in the UK.

We are currently running a joint competition with Liberation for National Nut Day (22nd October 2020) - go to @nutcellars on instagram or @Liberation_nuts on Twitter to enter!

tasty healthy sustainable macadamia nuts

Liberation Foods

The formation Liberation was facilitated by Nutcellars’ Andrew Emmott in 2007 as part of his work for Twin Trading. Liberation is the first fair-trade nut company in the UK.


Tadinka Nougat

Tadinka now uses Nutcellars macadamia exclusively, and recently won two Great Taste awards with products containing Nutcellars macadamia!

Equinet Logo Landscape

Equinet Media

Equinet have been instrumental in directing our inbound marketing efforts, driving the design of the website as well as the branding and imagery of Nutcellars.


The Chef’s Forum (including related chefs)

Nutcellars joined The Chef’s Forum, a network of chefs and foodies, at the end of 2019 and we had our first TCF event at The Dorchester, London, where our products especially the nut butter were very well received - we even had a few experimental products such as hummus and pesto that we will be manufacturing in the near future.


Bettina (Bettina’s Kitchen)

Celebrated chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi worked with us on creating beautiful non-dairy, plant based macadamia cheese.  She has been a great support to Nutcellars, hosting a macadamia cheesemaking class earlier this year.


Sun and Seed

Sun and Seed are our trusted manufacturers who we met in 2017 at the BIOFACH trade show in Nuremberg  - and chance would have it that they were just setting up their new manufacturing facility in Bedfordshire, where we are based! 

Sun and Seed have produced and jarred our whole nuts and macadamia butters and are a successful SALSA accredited company - if your business has similar processing needs, look no further than https://www.sunandseed.net


Gunn's Bakery Mac Clanger Jamie

Gunn’s Bakery

Gunn's Bakery produced a twist on the classic Bedfordshire Clanger (a pastry traditionally made for farm labourers) by introducing the 'MacClanger', which used macadamia nuts and nut butter. Needless to say it went down a treat!


Pavenham Kitchen

Vicky Blakemore of The Pavenham Kitchen was one of our first collaborators - we commissioned her to produce all manner of macadamia based treats for our launch events at the end of 2019. We even took some of them to the Chef's Forum event at the Dorchester hotel where they were extremely well received. Strongly recommended for all your events catering needs: https://www.thepavenhamkitchen.co.uk



Pumpernickel Natural Health Store

Pumpernickel was one of the first shops in Bedford to stock Nutcellars products and they have the most helpful staff  - Bedford friends we urge you to support them, stock up on essential health foods and supplements here: https://www.pumpernickel-online.co.uk


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Macadamia nuts don't just taste great, they are also extremely versatile and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Take a look at our macadamia nut recipes for inspiration.

tasty healthy sustainable macadamia nuts
tasty healthy sustainable macadamia nuts