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Complete your Christmas with Nutcellars Macadamia Cognac Christmas Pudding!


We are delighted to announce the launch of our Macadamia Cognac Christmas Pudding – Featuring ‘The Queen of Nuts’ and sumptuous fruit, soaked in matured Courvoisier brandy in a rather regal-tasting incarnation of a multi-award-winning recipe.

Our friends over at Big Barn gave it a taste test and they think it’s the best they’ve had all year!



This splendid handmade Macadamia Cognac Christmas Pudding is for the seriously indulgent, who love a moist full-fruit pudding, luxuriously combined with rich golden Malawian Macadamia Nuts, matured Brandy and a little gourmet magic!

Nutcellars Director, Andrew Emmott said

“This pudding is an absolute gem and is tasty enough to be devoured all year round.  We have launched it in time for Christmas and it will be a regular at the weekly food markets and fairs at which we sell our delicious range of whole macadamia nuts and nut butters.  It will also be available for restaurants to buy to treat their guests to the ultimate festive indulgence.”

Plant based and gluten free, The Nutcellars Macadamia Cognac Christmas Pudding is not only available at food markets, but also in our online shop, with a special 50% discount on all macadamia butters when you buy a pudding!

Other festive products available to buy now include our festive chocolate caramelised macadamia, sumptuous whole macadamia nuts and tempting nut butters – All great stocking filler ideas!

Bursting full of personality, this rather prestigious pudding is handmade, hand packaged and features a delicious infusion of brandy-soaked fruit and macadamia nuts.  For the perfect end to the perfect Christmas dinner, or a brilliant gift idea, why not treat friends and family to the ultimate in festive indulgence?

As large gatherings are sadly limited this year, Nutcellars has gone one step further in offering individual portions of this glorious festive creation.  Priced at just £3.50 for single portion (perfect for schools or those working from home as a gift of Christmas cheer) and a large pudding to serve six at £9.50, this is the ultimate festive must-have.

The recipe, approved by Courvoisier, has been adapted from a secret top chef recipe to showcase delicious Nutcellars macadamia. The original recipe won international acclaim, as well being awarded the number one pudding from The Daily Telegraph and receiving a thumbs up from Buckingham Palace and Number 10 Downing Street.  Macadamia has taken this recipe to the next level and all those who have been lucky enough to sample it so far have been absolutely blown away with its sensational flavour!

The Nutcellars Macadamia Cognac Christmas Pudding is available for both retail and foodservice and any enquiries would be warmly welcomed. Please contact Tim Emmott with your requirements:

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