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Chef Michael Nizzero's very special venison & macadamia dish

What grows together goes together is an old chefs’ maxim. When you think about it this is true because the ingredients are often in season together and at the height of their flavour.

In collaboration with Curtis Pitt Deer Services, consultant chef Michael Nizzero has created an exquisitely balanced venison dish, finished with Nutcellars macadamia.

Michael says:

'This works very well together because you get the nuttiness of the macadamia but you also have the kick of the mustard and the wild flavour of the venison. So all in all this dish works perfectly and I hope you'll enjoy!'



He continues:

“It takes around ten years of being a chef and working every section of the kitchen and rising up through the ranks for your flavor memory to fully develop.  When you are at Commis level, you may ‘taste’ nuts when asked to do so.  Once you ‘understand’ the flavor, it is a game-changer. The earthy flavor of venison then you will remember that it goes very well with mushroom and nuts, this formed the reasoning and basis for my dish.”


“When I am devising new dishes and menus, I look to cookery books by great chefs to inspire my cooking.  I especially like Daniel Hulme, Alan Ducasse.  I have also done four books with Michel Roux Senior.  These books are the bible of my kitchen.”


What a fantastic way to celebrate Great British Game Week

The recipe Michael has kindly provided below, so you can try it out for yourself:


NutCellars Recipe Card Michael Nizzero


For more information on flavour pairings have a look at The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit.


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